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Guilty? (Dean & Steph Book 1) Derek Coleman

Guilty? (Dean & Steph Book 1)

Derek Coleman

Kindle Edition
294 pages
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 About the Book 

An executed criminal, a lingering doubt about his guilt and a hunt to find a twenty year-old truth.If John Grisham, Michael Connelly and David Baldacci combined to write a fast paced crime story based in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky that story would be GUILTY? The debut novel from Derek Coleman.Trevor Lloyd Morden died from lethal injection in the South Ohio Correctional Facility. He had five appeals and lost them all, not only because the evidence is against him but also because the victim’s father, William J. Wendover, fought to ensure his daughter, Billy Jo’s, killer gets what he deserves.Morden had nothing to leave behind except one thing, a dying declaration that he was innocent. This starts a spark of doubt in Wendover’s mind. His own life is rapidly coming to an end but before he too passes on he has to know the truth and so he looks for a man who might find it for him.That man is Dean Witton, ex-marine, ex-cop and ex-husband. His wife left him virtually broke so he bought a store, lives in the back room and works as a private investigator where West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky meet.Wary of getting involved with women again nevertheless Dean is good friends with Steph Taylor, the owner of a neighboring store. Steph is an enigma. Smart, blonde and beautiful, she makes it clear that she would not be against deepening the relationship.Steph persuades Dean to let her tag along as they begin looking into Billy Jo’s murder by visiting the prison. It seems an ordinary case but the deeper they delve the more mud they stir until Dean himself is being stalked by someone with homicide on their mind.Narrowly surviving three attempts on his life Dean fights to put the pieces of the puzzle together, little realizing that the killer is someone he never dreamed was involved and that finding the solution would put both himself, and Steph, in mortal danger .GUILTY? is a great, page-turner of a crime novel with a hint of romance that shows coincidences do happen and the consequences can be deadly.GUILTY? is catching on fast and its sequel is also available. It debuted on Kindle at an incredibly low price but this may need to be reviewed and this could be your last chance to get it at this bargain price.