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20 Easy and Delicious Recipes For Ents Karl Grave

20 Easy and Delicious Recipes For Ents

Karl Grave

Kindle Edition
20 pages
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 About the Book 

NOTE: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. If you’re easily offended, get a life.Everything is better with trees. Ents revel in it. Music is moving. Movies- majestic. Inwards, outwards, things become enhanced.But, unfortunately, Ents have a tendency to focus on sights and sounds, but leave out two other very important senses that are enhanced by Tress as well.Namely, smell and taste.Trees make food incredible.But, tress can also make you lazy. And not prone to tackling large kitchen projects.No worries there. After trying dozens and dozens of recipes, I have whittled them down to these easy to follow recipes that can be accomplished with little fuss while still tasting and smelling awesome.They are:Quick Fancy Grilled CheeseOven Baked Sweet Potato FriesWhite TrashGuacamoleMoist Banana Nut BreadSweet Chicken Bacon WrapsMicrowave Chocolate Peanut Butter Mouth OrgasmsMini Pigs-In-A-BlanketPretzel TurtlesPeanut Butter Corn Flake ShakeToasted Waffle Ice Cream SandwichFruit Crisp DumpStovetop PopcornHomemade Cookies n’ Creme Ice Cream PieA Fruit’s FoolPeanut Butter Cup CookiesNOM NOM Grilled CheeseLemon Pudding Cake BitesBacardi Rum CakePineapple Strawberry SorbetYeah, yeah. It’s only 20 recipes. That’s a good thing. Most recipe books are full of fluff. You only end up using 10-20 recipes out of them anyway. I’ve already gone and whittled it down for you. Plus, it’s only $2.99. AND it’s hilarious.Seriously, it’s really funny.Well of course, I think it’s funny because I wrote it. Putting that aside, with TOTAL OBJECTIVE CLARITY, I ensure you that it will at least illicit a chuckle from you.Real talk.