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Stan Lee Presents Wolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk Len Wein

Stan Lee Presents Wolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk

Len Wein

Published July 1st 1992
ISBN : 9780871356123
48 pages
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 About the Book 

I was expressing to a friend, after we saw The Wolverine (which we liked!), that I hadnt realized a lot of the characters in the movie were part of a canon storyline until Id looked it up in Jacobs Marvel Encyclopedia. Also that I didnt know that much about Wolverine or the X-Mens main storylines, having come into them through Ultimate X-Men, and read Uncanny and Astonishing and a few others, but not the beginnings. And she said that that story arc actually was from part of her favorite time in the series and that she and her brother still had them. So Ill be reading several early X-Men/Wolverine stories.This is a reprint of the very first appearance of Wolverine--in an Incredible Hulk comic. I know even less about Hulk, and in this comic, he is powerful but very childlike in his speech and thought processes. He ends up in Canada, fleeing people, only to fall in with some old acquaintances, one of whom wants to trap him because her brother has become the evil monster Wendigo and she wants to magically transfer that to Hulk to get her brother back. Her brothers best friend, somehow responsible for the brothers condition, but remorseful about it, objects to her using Hulk in this way. When the Canadian government finds out that Hulk is in Canada, they want to take him out, so release Weapon X--Wolverine--to get rid of him. A giant fight ensues, and, well, you can guess how it ends, since both characters are still around.It was pretty silly, but at least now I know how Wolverine was introduced into the Marvel universe. There was also an interesting article (written in 1986) at the end, about Wolverine, his creation, and his evolution as a character, through time and various writers. That, for me, was probably the most interesting part of the book.